Power Powder

Power Powder

This dry shampoo and deodorant absorbs oil and odors to keep your dog fresher between baths so you can snuggle without the struggle.  Plus, Power Powder contains diatomaceous earth, which naturally kills fleas and other pests without harmful chemicals. 

Other Uses

Makes a great dry shampoo for people too! Apply a small amount to hair near scalp, use fingers to distribute as needed, and brush out excess.  You're left with fresh-smelling, grease-free hair with volume that will make the 1980s jealous.

Sprinkle into smelly shoes to keep your feet drier and reduce odor.  Give each shoe a few shakes of Power Powder, then shake the shoes to distribute product evenly and shake out excess.  It's our shake, shake, shake formula for success. 

Apply alone or over deodorant for an added layer of protection against wetness and odor. Shake into hand and apply to underarms. I recommend doing this over your bathmat so the excess powder will have a cozy spot to fall.  BONUS, it will make your bathmat smell better too.

Refresh dog bedding by applying Power Powder generously and shaking out excess.  Let powder set for a few hours before shaking out to kill adult fleas.  This also works on carpet, but the powder is REALLY fine, so if you don't have a powerful vacuum, I'd skip the carpet and shake the bedding outside.

Do you have another use for Power Powder?  Let us know at RuffnRawsome@gmail.com