Turmeric the Super Spice

November 21, 2016 Amy Wills

Turmeric has been used for culinary and medicinal purposes for thousands of years.  Its signature orange adds a pop of color and flavor to any dish, but it does so much more inside the body.  So much, in fact, my dogs and I eat it every single day.  Here’s the skinny on orange power.

 Nature’s Painkiller - Studies have shown turmeric to be a powerful anti-inflammatory, more effective at reducing pain than NSAID pain relievers. Some studies even suggested it’s as effective as opioids, all without the side effects of pharmaceuticals.  Here’s what the Arthritis Foundation has to say about turmeric.

 Nature’s Antidepressant - Turmeric was shown to correct depression symptoms in animals and people, one study showing it was as effective as Prozac in correcting mild depression. To learn more, here’s a great article from Psychiatry Advisor.

 Nature’s Digestive Aid - Turmeric has been used in Ayurveda for centuries for its ability to calm an upset stomach, help with digestion, boost metabolism and detoxify the body. Recently, a study showed turmeric was a promising treatment for inflammatory bowel disease. Here’s a link to more information about that study from Healio.

 If you’re looking for a way to get more turmeric in your pet’s life, you can try sprinkling a small amount (starting with ⅛ tsp per 10lbs of dog’s weight) on food, making it into an edible paste or baking it into dog biscuits. If you want the easy route, Ruff’n Rawsome Joint Jerky has a healthy dose, which gives it that beautiful color. To get more turmeric in my life, I started making my own supplements, which I will talk about in a future blog. Until then, here’s to a healthy, orange future for you and your pets!