My Love Affair with Diatomaceous Earth

November 07, 2016 Amy Wills

Several years ago my dogs contracted a flea outbreak.  I'm not big on chemicals, so someone suggested I try diatomaceous earth to kill the little buggers. To my delight, it worked.  I was sold.  A few months later I was talking to a gentleman who was recounting his years of knee problems.  His doctor was pushing replacement, but instead he went on a regimen of MSM and diatomaceous earth, and it completely eliminated his pain and inflammation.  Surgery was no longer on the table.  Say what?!  Needless to say, I started digging for info.

Diatomaceous earth is actually a fossilized algae comprised primarily of silica, which is critical for healthy joints, ligaments, collagen, skin, hair and nails.  It's even suggested for internal cleansing, tooth polishing, skin exfoliation and more.  I decided to give it a shot and see what happened to my body.  I started mixing about a tablespoon with OJ each morning, and after a few weeks I was thrilled to see longer eyelashes, fuller brows, and my thumbnail, which had been malformed for more than a decade, was now growing in normally.  Now I won't go a day without it.

Pets can reap many of the same benefits as people, in addition to the natural pest control diatomaceous earth provides.  That's why I use it in Joint Jerky and Power Powder.  

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