December 11, 2016 Amy Wills

After seeing the creation I’m about to share, a dear friend of mine asked if I had anything “store bought.”  Perhaps I’m DIY crazy these days, crazy like a fox.  I’ve shared my obsession with turmeric and diatomaceous earth, and when you add in MSM, you get my favorite trifecta! It’s the same blend that’s in Joint Jerky, which I started making because my elderly Yorkie, who already had cruciate ligament surgery, refused to take her supplements. Turns out she likes them much better when blended with chicken and veggies.  Smart girl!

supplement trio

OK, back to it.  So, to review previous posts, turmeric is an amazing anti-inflammatory, natural pain reliever and digestive aid, and guess what, so is MSM.  It’s a naturally-occurring sulfur compound that is also linked to healthy skin and collagen, like the silica in diatomaceous earth.  I decided my dogs shouldn’t be the only ones to benefit from this trio, but I’m not a person who’s inclined to buy and remember to take a bunch of supplements, so I decided to make my own.  


I mixed equal parts MSM, diatomaceous earth and turmeric in a bowl and filled my own capsules.  You can get all of these in bulk through online retailers, and filling them is relatively easy.  I pop on some gloves and use both sides of the open capsule to scoop as much of the powder mixture as possible.  Then I tap it down to compact it, scoop again to pack in as much as possible, then close the capsule.  Now I have a lovely mason jar full of happy, yellow pills that I keep in a conspicuous place so I remember to pop a few each day.  My hair and nails have never looked better.

finished jar

MSM is also rumored to be effective topically, so my next project is DIY moisturizer, and you can bet I’ll be adding a generous amount. I’ll keep you posted on that.  Until next time, thanks for reading!